About Us

Aretego is a community that connects people and great businesses together.




– Write a review! Have you been to a place before and loved or were dissatisfied with your experience? You have a voice on Aretego. Let the community and owner of the business know by rating and writing a review.

Discover Places and Events: Looking for a good place to grab some food? or considering schools for the kids? How about looking for an event to attend? Welcome to a community that helps you discover places and events and allows you to see what people who have been there think about it.

– Add a business or event: Looking to review a place you’ve been too or looking for an event that you know is happening and can’t find it on Aretego? Simply add it (registered users only). Adding places and events have never been easier – simply click on the “Add Place” or “Add Event” tabs and fill in the form (you can also upload pictures). YOU DON’T have to be the business owner to add an event or place.

– Import tool: Try our new and improved “Social Importer tool” from the “Add Place” or “Add Event” form. If the event or place has a face book page, simple cope and paste the URL for the Facebook page in the “Import Details from Social” box and click “Import Details”. Aretego will find the relevant information and add it to the form to save you time. Fill in the parts that may be missing, submit the form and Voila! you’ve added a place or event.

– Create a List: Help Visitors or tenured discover and re-discover the city by creating custom and personalized lists of places and events you would recommend to the community of Aretego. Help people discover local business and events that you would recommend. Simply go to your profile page and select the list tab and click on “create list”. Drag and drop places and events from your reviewed list, give it a title (e.g 10 things to do in Lagos in December) and you’re done!

– Talk: Share your ideas and thoughts with the Aretego community by using “Talk”. Find the appropriate topic and post your questions, ideas or thoughts and let the community respond! It’s a great way to discover local business in a fast and simple way (e.g “Where can I get the best cupcakes in Lekki?”).

– Aretego on mobile: While Aretego has been developed with desktop optimization it is also wonderful on mobile. Simply open up Aretego on your mobile device and discover normally. If you find a place and event you want to go to, our “Open in Google Maps” will launch google maps (google maps must be installed) on your device giving you directions to the location.

– Add and Find Friends: Find your friends in the Aretego community by searching through the “Find Friends” tab. follow, compliment and message  Aretego users accessing their profile.

– Aretego Mobile App Support: Please send all contact inquiries about the Aretego! mobile app to appsupport@aretego.com